About the Board

Board Members

All Board members are appointed by the Cabinet of the Provincial government and are independent from the Government and other agencies, including the Ministry of Natural Gas Development and the British Columbia Energy Regulator.

The Board is lead by the Chair – who reports to the Minister of Natural Gas Development.

Board member backgrounds:

See the links below for a summary of the current Board members’ backgrounds:

Kent Ashby
Jacqueline Beltgens (Chair)
Peter Judd
Dale Pope
Bruce Turner
Cheryl Vickers (Vice Chair)

Board member remuneration:

For the year of April 1 2022 to March 31 2023, Board Members were remunerated in accordance with the Treasury Board Directive 1/20 which covers Administrative Tribunals in British Columbia. All Board Members are classified under Group 3 rates under this Directive. Click here for the remuneration paid to Board members for work at the Surface Rights Board in fiscal year 2022 -2023.