Resources for Parties


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Name of Form

Form 1A Right of Entry, Terms & Compensation (for oil & gas or flowlines or geothermal)
Form 1B Right of Entry, Terms and Compensation (for mining)
Form 1C Damages
Form 1D Rent Review
Form 1E Compliance
Form 1F Application to Recover Rent owed for an Orphan Site
Form 2 Notice to Lessee/Lessor for Rent Renegotiation (used prior to Form D)
Form 3 Application for Withdrawal
Form 4 Summons (used by the Board requiring a witness to attend an arbitration. See Board Rule 14)
Form 5 Return of Security Deposit
Form 6 Assignment of Overdue Payments
Affidavit Affidavit of Service

For instructions see the Information Sheet: How to File an Application